Here and now close your eyes for a moment, breathe in deeply, and exhale fully.

Welcome Home, Mama.


STOP playing SMALL is your sacred space to honor and heal your inner journey of conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood, guided by your (spirit) baby and your womb consciousness. This is your time to come home to yourself, deeply connect with yourself  and receive the magical soul gifts and sacred teachings this inner journey holds for you and your baby. Connect with your heart, womb and inner temple to receive what needs to be received, see what needs to be seen and heal what needs to be healed. 


This is your time to log into the highest of timelines and outcomes for all.

Sacred Conception, Pregnancy & Birth

1:1  Soul Guidance for Mothers & (Spirit) Babies 

Connect with your baby & womb consciousness to listen & receive, heal & become

Sacred Motherhood

Mother-to-Baby Soul Creation

Female Soul Healing & Womb Blessing

Sisterhood & Community

Connecting Soul Mothers & their babies

Sacred Womb Co-Creation



Gift yourself or a loved one with a beautiful soul experience: Christmas discounts for any Soul Guidance & Womb Blessing/Healing ceremonies are available until 23/12/23. Get in touch for more info and to receive your voucher (valid in 2024 online or in person in Zurich Höngg). 

▽ 1:1 SOUL GUIDANCE FOR (Pre-)CONCEPTION & PREGNANCY. Do you clearly sense a soul who wants to come earth side? Do you feel something needs healing before conceiving? Do you feel this pregnancy is teaching you to stop playing small? Do you feel your baby is holding an energy that brings deep change to your life? Do you feel the urge to connect with your baby on a soul level? I am here to hold sacred space for your inner journey of conception & pregnancy so you can receive the soul gifts and sacred teachings the soul of your baby is offering you. 3 or 6 sessions à 90-120 Min including a beautiful summary of your inner journey to keep forever.Get in touch if you feel a calling (taking on new clients from November)

  Soul Mother Community.  This community is for all women whether you are on your inner journey of (pre-)conception, pregnancy, birth, motherhood or menopause.  Get in touch to receive more info.

Receive a wonderful blessing of the Divine Mother and let her energy touch you (and your baby) in the depth of your soul. I love to give womb blessings & healings for mothers from pre-conception, during pregnancy or postpartum.  Imagine your womb space, the first home of your baby, is bathed in the purest and highest frequency of Divine Love – what a  gift for yourself and your (spirit) baby. May this energy hold you throughout your inner journey into motherhood. I am a Level 3 Moon Mother trained by Miranda Gray.

▽ 1:1 BIRTHING MAMA SESSIONS (from 90 Min)
These sessions are exclusively for Pregnant Mothers who feel stuck on an emotional, mental, physical or spiritual level in the last months/weeks before giving birth. If  you feel the urge to let go and heal something before entering the birth portal, maybe without even knowing what it is, I am here to hold you so you can do the inner work your baby is guiding you to do.

Ayurveda (the science of life) teaches us the first 42 days after giving birth will have an impact on the next 42 years of your life. This is a sacred time and a huge portal for an interconnected transmission: your own re-birth and the landing of the baby’s soul.  What if these two soul journeys are actually one? Receive deep wisdom, soul protection & guidance in this golden phase of motherhood. I will share powerful tools & wisdom why this sacred time is so crucial and what it takes to open up for the magic it holds for the rest of your life.

 SACRED TEACHINGS OF BIRTH IMPRINTS. We all have a birth imprint. Do you know yours? Through thoughtful guidance you learn how your own birth imprint affects your life until today. We look at the sacred teachings of your birth and the deep initiations in your life as a woman and discover what is important for you to be seen and felt, in leading up to the pregnancy/birth of your children or in understanding the mother wound you hold in your womb.  Book a free discovery call to learn more. 

These sessions are exclusively for Mothers who feel they haven’t had the chance to express their feelings and share their birth story in a safe space with all that is and has been. Here you are heard, deeply held and supported on your own, individual healing and integration journey. No matter how long ago your birth experience took place, we will discover together where you are now and what you can do to be the mother and women you wish to be. I am here to help you claim back what might have been lost, understand the deeper teachings, hold you and your baby to ground the light and receive the healing you have been longing for.

⋙ Do you feel a calling to work with me ? 


  • ANNIE M.

    „The womb blessing ceremony was magical. The moment you started to speak I had goosebumps all over, the energy in the room was unbelievable. Honestly, I think this is your superpower. I loved the way you held sacred space and how each of us was guided to a very personal message. The way you created a sense of belonging and connection between each sister was very touching and healing, it will stay in my heart forever. I felt very safe and supported. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. „

  • EVE B.

    „This is the most powerful container I have ever stepped into. Some programs help you see or break patterns but I am yet to experience soul healing that provides such rapid transformation. Thank you so much for all your support,  it is unbelievable how much I am moving through. I now fully understand why I was drawn to you, this is soul guided. This healing space is like nothing else I have ever experienced. Thank you, Steffi“

  • transition from mother to enchantress

    „Thank you so much for the beautiful summary of our soul session, I am still deeply touched. Your voice alone is so healing and opens up a whole new inner world for me. I am still super emotional, but in a good way (you guided me to a profound soul remembrance). There are no words for your work, thank you so much for what you do“


    „Thank you Steffi for showing me the connection and lessons of my previous birth experiences, I needed to see it first so I could set myself free for my upcoming birth. I have never felt so much trust in life and where I am right now on my journey.  I feel so deeply connected to my baby, it is magical and beautiful. There are no words to express my gratitude to have come across you. Thank you with all my heart“

  • Tamara T. (1/2)

    „Steffi has been a blessing I didn’t expect I’d receive in life, as a woman and a human being. Being guided, supported and taught by Steffi, I have expanded my awareness  as a woman, not only in the context of pregnancy and birth preparation. I experience Steffi as a holistic loving guide, a spiritual companion helping women and couples grow beyond (and yet focused on) pregnancy and motherhood. She has been giving us her care, love, wisdom and strength, to the extent that I know only a mother can provide. It has been an invaluable experience and growth.“
    (Pre-Natal Yoga & Holistic Birth Preparation)
  • Tamara T. (2/2)

    Her intuition, approach & knowledge about the transformation of pregnancy, birth & motherhood is immersive, let alone her kindness, presence and generosity which has no expiry. She feels her clients at depths in ways many of us don’t even feel ourselves. I feel grateful, more trusting and encouraged as birth is approaching. Steffi opened my and my partner’s eyes about our own strength, the roles we have individually and together, as we are stepping into our parenthood. Thank you beyond words! It feels like the knowledge we gained and the connection to baby is a necessity for everybody.“

    (Prenatal Yoga & holistic birth preparation)
  • LISA U.

    „The spiritual birth preparation has been such a gift. Steffi is just wonderful. I got to know the subject of pregnancy and birth from a new perspective, which has supported me so wonderfully throughout my pregnancy. Steffi is a very loving, empathetic soul and I can wholeheartedly recommend her work to everyone.

  • LEILA H.

    „Dear Steffi, you touch hearts and let them expand while you lovingly embrace people with your wings. In the sacred spaces you create, mothers and children can slow down. They can grow and develop in the time of their soul. It is a place of peace and relaxation where the time goes slower. You have enabled me to develop a finer perception for the unseen realm. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this experience and the soul gift.“


STOP playing SMALL

I am often asked about the name of my business and the story behind it. So here we go, I am happy to share it with you in case you are interested.

STOP playing  SMALL were the words stuck in my head right after the pain-free birth of our daughter Malou in 2018. I was overwhelmed by this deeply spiritual, transformative experience, knowing if I had experienced it, so can any woman. Little did I understand at the time, this pregnancy and birth experience was a deep initiation to come back home to myself and my soul essence. It was the beginning of my spiritual awakening, a journey to remember my soul gift of guiding souls earthside and share it with the world. 

At that time, all I knew and felt with every cell in my body was the time had come to stop playing small. I felt there is something bigger to life, and I felt that ALL is in me. I felt I am at a point of no return. I knew I could never go back to my old life, to my career in a large international company and to the version of myself before I became a vessel for this  precious soul to come earth side. All I knew was STOP playing  SMALL  will be the name of my soul business, without even grasping what it will be about.

I was initiated in the time of the soul and was reborn as a Mother, a healer, a wise one. This birth was an initiation to come home to myself and to step into the soul gifts I came here to share, guided by the souls of my daughters. What if this is exactly how birth is meant to be? 

For many years I was deeply guided to understand (pre-)conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood in the depth of the soul and to remember how to guide souls on their inner journey between the worlds. This soul-guided journey brought me to many different places around the world, without always understanding why I felt a call to travel there. But the calling was strong and clear, and so I followed. Many re-births later, everything started to fall into place. Today, this is what Stop playing Small stands for: to anchor in a whole new way of (pre-)conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood that is anchored in the highest of frequencies and timelines, orchestrated by soul-contracted (spirit) babies and their beautiful mothers.

There is a secret in our culture

During (pre-)conception, pregnancy, birth
and in the becoming of a mother
women receive deep soul gifts & sacred teachings.

The soul of the baby is our wisest teacher and holds universal consciousness in the womb of the mother. It speaks through the mother and holds deep wisdom and teachings. The question is: are we listening?

I invite you to take a moment to rest and listen within. Do you feel a calling to dive deeper? Trust your intuition Mama, you are here to receive and remember.

This is your sacred space to enter the time of the soul.
It is my deep honor to guide you.

Are you looking for deep insights and support during your inner journey of (pre-)conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood?

I see you with all that is and has been.
Every journey is unique, treasuring the time of your soul, guided by your (spirit) baby. 

Do you feel your own birth experience or your ancestral line needs healing before the soul of your baby comes earth side? Do you wish to birth how nature intended and claim and nurture the power within you? Are you looking for a holistic birth preparation that truly includes the spiritual dimension? Do you feel a deep soul longing to connect with the soul of your baby? Do you want to reflect on your birth experience to understand the deeper teaching?

My offerings lay the foundation for a more conscious future, guiding you to become the mother the earth needs now.  

The soul of your baby knows the way. Are you ready to be guided?. 

Do you feel a calling to work with me? 

I am looking forward to meeting you, beautiful Mama!


The soul of your baby is your greatest spiritual teacher. Your senses are open, you can connect to the universal consciousness in your womb and receive. 
What is learned in the time of the womb cannot be learnt on earth.


Through kundalini, the magic of birth unfolds. It allows the dance between the worlds and gifts you with a deep awakening that touches every cell of your body and the body of your baby.
Through the magic of birth, you and your baby raise the frequency on earth.


Pregnancy & birth marks a rite of passage, a powerful portal from maiden to mother. The mother gives birth to herself and her baby, their energies start to attune. It is a golden, sacred portal that brings healing & peace.
Through the magic of birth, you see the world with the eyes of the Great Mother. 

Gift yourself with a beautiful journey

to yourself

to your baby

to your feminine power

to self-love & deep healing.

>> BODY >> MIND >> SOUL >>

What I wish for you, precious soul

  • A conception & birth experience that unfolds in the time of the soul

  • To be aware of your own birth imprint and how this may affect the birth of your baby

  • To look into your fears, self-doubts and ancestral pain so you don’t pass them on to your baby

  • To learn how to communicate with your baby from soul-to-soul and log into the highest of timelines and outcomes for all

  • To spend enough time on your inner temple, as this is where the true preparation for conception, pregnancy, birth & motherhood takes place

  • To be able to feel yourself and trust your intuition

  • To create your conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum as a sacred celebration of love

  • To deeply trust that your body and your baby know how to birth

  • To feel seen, supported and held with all that is and has been

  • To feel a deep connection to your womb space, the first home of your baby

  • To walk your path side-by-side with other mindful mothers and women who hold you, so you can hold others

  • To learn not only to relax your body, but to relax your whole life 

  • To consciously breathe for two

  • To be aware that not only your baby is born, but also you are reborn as a mother and woman. May you embrace this new version and have enough space & support to find  and feel yourself again, guided by the soul of your baby

About me

Dear Mama, may you follow the voice within.

My name is Stefanie Kernler. Sun Pieces, Moon Taurus, Libra Rising; Emotional Generator 6/2.  I am located in Zurich, Switzerland, for over a century now. I grew up in the South of Germany and lived in Australia for 3 years, which is still my second home by heart. Next to a deep connection to the red continent, I feel a soul connection to  Mexico, Bali and Hawaii.

I am a mother of three daughters, two of which I hold in my arms (Malou 2018. Anouk 2021) and one which I hold in my heart forever (2017). I am a Partner, Soulpreneur, Spiritual Birth Priestess, Intuitive Healer & Lightworker, Moon Mother, student and teacher of Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga and Pre-Natal (Kundalini) Yoga, a HypnoBirthing Coach – and of course I am so much more than this. 

 Stop playing Small is my soul business. It constantly evolves with my own journey of healing, re-birthing, unlearning and entering the highest of timelines. It constantly evolves with my own transformation to become the woman and mother the earth needs now. 

STOP playing SMALL is a soul mantra I have been gifted with in the sacred portal of birth. What is yours?

If you want to learn more about (pre-)conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood as a sacred journey, listen to me in this podcast of my dear soul sister and amazing shamanic healer & sacred space holder Inés Kelly (volume gets better at 5:50 min):

May you be seen, beautiful Mama. May we allow ourselves to heal and transform. May we have other women on our side who hold us, so we can heal the world together. Conception by conception, pregnancy by pregnancy, birth by birth, motherhood by motherhood –  soul by soul, heart by heart, womb by womb. I truly feel our time is now, and I truly feel we are many. Let us stop playing small.

„What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.“


„STOP Playing SMALL“ also reflects my own personal journey of unlearning and becoming. It is my personal reminder of the power I hold as a Mother: the power of Divine love & the power of creation.  It reminds me of the vastness of the universe, the importance of my soul contract and that I am here to share my soul gift wide and far. It reminds me of my blood line and the healing I am here to do. It reminds me that we need to talk more about the magic of birth and what we are missing out on as woman and as humanity. It reminds me of the big job we have to do to put babies and the blueprint of Mother Earth back in the center of conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood.  And if I can inspire others through my journey and my work, it is all the more wonderful.

Let us be brave. Let us become visible.
Together we rise, powerful sister.

Sat Nam,
Stefanie Kernler

Mama, trust your intuition.

Get in touch.

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